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How to Build a Brand and a Business with no prior experience


The exact blueprint to success that I and many others have implemented


The formula I am using to replace my 9-5 income to work remotely from my laptop anywhere I want


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Those who are unfulfilled, burnt out, and ready to stop making excuses and make their dreams a reality 


Those who want to ditch their corporate 9-5 lifestyle to create their ideal lifestyle


Those who seek more financial and time freedom to adventure, spend quality time with friends & family, and travel endlessly



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A Piece of My Story


Like many others, I started out taking the traditional route. I earned my bachelor's degree, got the traditional 9-5 job, and submerged myself in the corporate lifestyle. 

As I sat at my corporate j.o.b, I daydreamed of the days I’d be hiking the Grand Tetons or exploring a new National Park… ya know, things I was actually passionate about!

Don’t get me wrong, the career I was pursuing was something I once had full passion around.

Interior Designing is something I’ll take with me forever, but the lifestyle of that j.o.b. was something I knew I could not take with me forever. 


I had reached a point of both mental and physical burnout and the thought of “there must be a better way” kept playing in my mind. 

So while I kept my eyes peeled for something else, I continued to drudge into work every day.

I found myself reading about the world of Digital Marketing.

It seemed fun actually. Apparently I have time to spare on my phone, so why not use it to generate a living??

At this point, I was so willing to try anything new. So I sent a message to inquire about more info into what this all entailed. 

I was so hesitant at first because it felt too good to be true. My fear consistently tried to stop me from pursuing this because it was so “outside the box” of what has been drilled in my head is the “right” way of earning a living…


But I knew how badly I needed a change from the monotonous corporate life. 

I was so deeply craving to pursue my passion for travel and wanting independence over my own time & finances. 

I saw a path carved out for me to get those things I wanted, so why would I not pursue it??

Scared and unsure, I took the bold step into the Online industry.. and haven't looked back!



Other's Success!



Since working for myself, I’ve been able to achieve the time and location freedom that I’d always wanted, but had no idea how to get!

I’ve been able to work from anywhere, visit my family as often as I’d like, and even just go to the gym when I want.

The best part of it all has been the personal growth I’ve experienced, knowing that I am capable of anything i want in life. Not confined to my past or my college degree.

Plus getting to know like-minded people who want more out of life and are doing it too is sooo inspiring!! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take the leap and work for myself!



I was working in corporate feeling underappreciated, micromanaged, and unfulfilled. I wanted more than anything to have time, financial, and location freedom. It was my dream to travel and work from anywhere. I never wanted to have to ask for time off or fight to have 2 weeks' vacation, that was never enough. I tried so many ways to work online but nothing seemed to check off all my boxes until I found this business.

Fast forward 4 years, my dreams have completely become my reality. I wake up each day and live it how I choose from wherever I am in the world. I’ve created a 7 figure business, retired my boyfriend from corporate America, and our home is the world. We travel full-time while impacting thousands. Life is so much more than I could have ever imagined. We’ve been to 33 countries in the last 3 years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I owe it all to this business model for truly giving me the tools, systems, and automations to make my dreams come true. I am forever grateful 



Hi!! I'm Alex  free spirit, loves to travel and currently planning to live the #vanlife. I got started online after 9 years in the retail industry. After being passed up for a promotion multiple times, never getting time off, and not making enough $$ to support my lifestyle I finally decided to take matters into my own hands! I got started online 3 years ago and it changed everything for me. I had no experience, but I was willing to learn & do anything to grow and make my dreams come true. My business ended up generating 100K in my first year, and I was able to knock a lot off my bucket list, including visiting countries like Thailand & Peru! After that I've never looked back. This was my path to freedom 

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